Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Active Directory App on Android Devices

This school year our school sytem made the switch from Novell to Active Directory. I have been pleased so far - being a Microsoft product, things seem to integrate better with Windows.
For whatever reason passwords have been a nightmare.  The new user accounts were set up with a forced password change upon the first login.  Well we were the first school in the sytem to get Active Directory last May right before the school year ended.  Teachers, students it doesn’t matter - they all seemed to have forgotten their passwords over the summer.  So I have been resetting passwords like crazy.  I only have the AD software for resetting passwords installed on a couple of computers so sometimes I had to run up to my office to reset a password.
I thought I would look for an Android App that had some Active Directory tools.  I found a pretty good one: Free ActiveDir Manager.  It is pretty handy.  You can reset passwords quite easily. As long as you are connected to a WiFi network in your Active Directory Network you can login with your domain name, server name, username and password.  
With the free version it doesn’t remember your logon information.  I am considering buying the full version just to support the developer.

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